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See what some of my customers say..


"I’d rather lose Sky Sports than not be able to afford a massage from you.” – L.McAllister. Timperley."

"I carry my stress in my back, particularly in my shoulders, and have found Vic’s deep tissue massages to be the only sort to have made any real difference to my wellbeing. In my first session, he said it was like working on plates of steel but, after a couple of sessions, the relief and the movement was incredible. The pain of treatment can be almost unbearable on occasion but the relief is well worth it. Vic is excellent at giving the massages, pinpointing problem areas and patiently working away at them (ignoring any moans of pain!), whilst being knowledgeable, helpful and friendly throughout. I recommend him without reservation!" – J. Baker, Halesowen.

"I’ll never miss a massage appointment with you!” – M. Saunders, Birmingham."

"I have been having massage treatment with Vic for 18 months. In my particular circumstances, I had to pursue a different means of treatment following a hospital check-up, otherwise I would still be seeing Vic to this day. In that time I have found him to be a most helpful and caring young man but most of all very professional about the way he goes about his business. I have no problem in recommending that anyone see Vic for a course of treatment as I know that he has a wide variety of skills ranging from massage to Nutritional advice and indeed tailoring a course of treatment for an individual to combine one or more of these areas. He has always been friendly and polite and willing to answer any questions that you may have about your health or nutritional requirements. He will always leave it up to the individual as and when to re-book the next course of treatments and not pressurise them into putting any timescale into doing so. I have been very grateful to him for how he has helped me, such that I would recommend anyone – including my own son – for a course of treatment, I have that much faith in his abilities."

– Mrs Judith Williams, Halesowen.

I never expected that Vixx would help me the way he has. I have been on a journey that has taught me so much about myself and those around me. I didn’t realise how much I suppressed about how I feel. With Vixx’ help I managed to channel my feelings and focus on the good things in life. He gave me aims and tasks each week, giving me a focus. I am still on a journey, my journey through life. I feel that I now have aims and goals, both short and long term. Thanks for all your help, guidance and support. I feel I now have my life back in order and have dealt with issues I never before had the confidence to face. Vixx is trusting, caring, empathetic and friendly. Vixx understands that you are you and helps you to find out who you are. Thank You. – Lea McDonald, Manchester.


I first came to Vixx after struggling with a knee complaint for a few months. I had tried KT Tape, various physios and exercises but nothing really seemed to resolve my problem without a lot of painkillers being involved!


From the minute Vixx started his assessment to the end of the consultation I was well informed and all of my questions (e.g. why are you looking at that, what does that mean) were answered with professionalism and deep knowledge of the subject.


After looking at my various biomechanics and taking a look at my trainers/my running style - he prescribed a list of exercises and showed me the best/easiest way to do it and was there when I needed reminding a few days later! To 'relieve' my knee - he gave me a sports massage to loosen the IT Band and despite a line of bruises - within days I felt better and running felt 'easier'.


Due to my travelling schedule - I could only visit Vixx a month after my first appointment but going back he could see a difference being made by the exercises he had prescribed and told me in detail what was different and how my posture and core had improved. This really relieved me and I could feel the difference when he performed his sports massage a second time. Being a runner - you're normally used to being in tune to your body and I could feel a difference in my core and general running stability.


I guess the biggest 'proof in the pudding' for me is that since starting with the exercises and program prescribed by Vixx - i've managed to run several marathons without any knee pain and without needing to take any pain relief during the event. This has included a multi day relay across Europe (1250km in total) where I could see the difference in my running posture.


I'd highly recommend Vixx as a physio, sports massage therapist and nutritionist. His detailed knowledge of all of these areas really comforts an 'amateur' athlete who's trying to improve in their sport. I found his approach friendly and supportive and I'd recommend him to any of my friends.


- Emily Hannon, Netherlands

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