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There are a number of different services I offer.  Used separately or together, the aim is to improve YOU in the ways that you wish to benefit.

Because we are all unique individuals, I offer all of these different disciplines, to allow you to benefit from whichever ones will work best to get you to where you wish to be.



Whether a complete beginner, or a more experienced fitness fan, Personal Training can offer many different benefits.  It can allow you to learn new exercises in the correct manner to maximise fitness and minimise injury risk.  Tailored to your individual goals and aims, you can use it regularly to get started or for a periodic session every month to look at form and posture as your programme changes.  

For people who began to run during lockdown, having some running coaching can help you to improve your running stride and become more efficient, allowing you to enjoy your running much more - whether you wish to go faster, further or both! 


I offer both Therapeutic Massage and Sports Massage, as well as Reflexology, Holistic Facials and Thermal Auricular Therapy.  All have different benefits.  You don't need to be sporty to have Sports Massage - it can help to ease neck, shoulder and lower back tensions brought on by the office, or regular driving for example.  My rule of thumb is that if it hurts, then there is something that needs loosening.  If there is no tension present, then it will feel like a nice firm, relaxing massage.  Therapeutic massage is more gentle, with the aim of loosening the muscles and promoting relaxation.

For further information, have a look at the FAQ's for each treatment to see if a treatment might be of interest/benefit.



A lot of people these days wish to learn how to eat healthier, and how to incorporate better nutrition into their daily dietary habits.  We can all benefit from this, whether you are currently active and training for something, or whether you wish to look at the nutrition alongside starting an exercise plan.  Nutritional advice looks at how you wish to make changes, and helps you benefit from making those changes. 



Are you training for a specific sport or event? Have you hit a plateau, and can't seem to get any fitter or faster?  A sports-specific programme can be tailored to iron out any postural or biomechanical weaknesses that may be preventing improvement, whilst still allowing you to maintain the fitness and skills that you require.

           CORE STRENGTH


Core strength is a well-kept secret that can have so many benefits for people that I prefer for people to know just what it can do for them!  Better posture, better balance and better movement are just three of them, and even small changes can see big improvements for some people, as it can allow them to go on and improve other aspects of health or fitness.

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