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Seated Chair Massage


How does Seated Chair Massage work?


Chair massage involves using an ergonomically designed massage chair, and is often used in corporate settings, but is quite beneficial in many different ways:

  • No need for the client to remove clothing

  • Quick and easy to get set up and started

  • Less space required compared to a massage couch.


What are the benefits of Seated Chair Massage?


  • - Lowers anxiety and stress

  • - Increases circulation

  • - Boosts immune system

  • - Lowers blood pressure

  • - Relieves muscle pain and headaches

  • - Improves sleep quality

  • - Generates more mobility.


Seated chair massage is ideal for people who:


  • - Might not have tried massage before.

  • - Are uncomfortable with more invasive types of therapy.

  • - Would like to relax.

  • - Have neck and shoulder tension.


Why should companies consider Seated Chair Massage?


Seated Chair Massage can have many benefits for your employees.  It has similar effects to having a full body massage, but can be provided in the convenience of the workplace for a fraction of the cost.  It is ideal for people who would be uncomfortable getting undressed, and would thus not experience the benefits of massage.


The benefits for the employees can be seen above, but there are benefits to the workplace as a whole from having these on-site massage treatments:


  • - Increase in employee productivity.

  • - Increase employee retention.

  • - Decrease time off sick.

  • - Improve office morale.


Get in touch to find out how you or your company can benefit!



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